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About Microwave Safety Systems

Microwave Safety Systems Pty Ltd is an ISO 9001 Accredited Quality Endorsed Company
Lic No: QEC23618

Servicing clients since 1995, Microwave Safety Systems is Australia’s only ISO 9001 Accredited Quality Endorsed specialist Microwave Radiation Testing Organisation.

Our aim is to ensure that the radiation levels being emitted from microwave ovens (microwave oven radiation leakage levels) are within the guidelines set by the Australian Standard (AS60335.2.25).

By having the microwave ovens tested by Microwave Safety Systems, organisations  can ensure that the radiation levels being emitted from the microwave oven are within the above mentioned guidelines and that staff are using microwave ovens that are compliant with this limit.

Microwave Safety Systems has undertakes inspections for: Commonwealth, State and Local Government bodies, Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Registered Clubs, Tertiary Institutions and many leading Australian companies.

Microwave Safety Systems is the leader in Microwave Radiation Surveillance in Australia.